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Data for every business is now one of the most pertinent requirements for easy growth, scalability and a wider reach of audience or patronage. Every business now needs one or more form of data, whether its small-scale, medium scale, a startup or a large scale business or organisation. Just imagine what it will mean to run a business in this age and time without data tracking or some sort of data analysis. Awful, right? Its definitely as you said it is, now our aim as an organisation which desires to help you upscale your business operations with the right tracking of the data that connects with your business, either from visits to your website, social media page, mobile application, cloud services or any other operation on the web, is to make useful data acquisiton easier for your reach.

Theres nothing as helpful or good as keeping track of the data that aids your business growth. For instance, knowing the exact number of visitors that make effective visits to your website can help you know how engaging that site is, whether you need to make some adjustments or take a cold bath knowing you are doing a GREAT JOB! Not keeping track simply means that your online presence which now creates the virtual awareness for your brand, product or services is either archaic or in bad shape, and also that information isn't setting the pace at your organization. The Data Acquisiton Product from our company is one of a few kinds of data collection software with the specific aim to help you track data for the sole aim of increasing customer engagement, which will that an increase in customer database will guarantee an increase in company's revenues.

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  • 1. Sign up with us
  • 2. We register you on our platform based on your prefernce, either you want to have a polling system, a feddback form, an attendance tracking form, a visitors engagement form or otherwise. Once weve discovererd your area of preference.
  • 3. We add you to our database
  • 4. We give you the login access HERE
  • 5. You TAKE CONTROL. And we stay even.

  • It has a friendly user experience

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  • It helps you create compelling surveys

  • We charge Less.

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Our Team Lead

On several occassions, i've seen IT professionals 'jump the gun'; I mean they start a project right from execution, then proceed abnormally to the cycle of error control. "This is absolutely unprofessional". Every project should start with problem definition, planning and conceptualization - Anything outside these and without documentation is "Trial and Error".

Senior Project Manager - Softcity Group

Every IT project has a cycle; No matter how small or how big! - If your in-house or outsorced team does not provide extensive information on initiation, execution, deployment, testing and sustainability - Then there is a problem. The problem becomes much bigger if this information is provided without clear timeline, variables, resources, and evaluation markups.

Lead System Consultant - Softcity Group