System Automation

Our System Automation offers provide clients with the highest quality, cost-effective solutions on familiar industrial, office and home components. These are provided with interfaces and implementations that enhances productivity.

To go beyond our off-the-shelf automation solutions, we also work with clients to design and develop custom products, either from our library of custom-tailored products to meet a specific market need or developed from the "ground up" according to client specifications.

what we offer

1. Industrial automation

We automate your machine reliability and availability with near-zero-precision; With this, we'll guarantee 99.9% throughput and quality, with significant cost reduction. We offer the most trusted and innovative brands in power generation, electrical protection, power quality, fluid automation, materials joining, precision cleaning and machine motion; and more importantly system monitoring.

3. Home Automation

Our Security & Home Automation products guarantee your safety, manage energy consumption, and provide entertainment. Regardless of your income level or lifestyle, we have a solution for your home. Simply choose the automation, energy management, and convenience features you desire, and we will be there to evaluate, install and provide you with controll via your smartphone or tablet.

2. Office Automation

Every workplace has its own unique set of needs. Whether to move hard copy documents to a searchable database, or need to comply with new data security regulations; Our Office Automation team provides custom solutions that address your needs and improve your processes - From workflow solutions, Print track and Control, Document management systems, Fax servers and Security.

4. Research Automation

Our Research automation technology offers a complete range of intelligent tools - ranging from supervisory functionality to production functionality - this is designed to support your research and discovery projects. Our research automation technology include the deployment of sensors to measure the input and output of a process as well as intermediate parts of the process.

our delivery options

Remote Delivery

Our service delivery is not bound by time and space; Yes! We deliver your needs regardless of where you are in the globe. We can offer you an electronic mode of delivery if you so desire. Once we receive details of your requirement; our team of professionals will get to work and deliver your job in the agreed timeframe. Web, Mobile, socials campaign, Bespoke Telecoms, Cyber security, and System automation is what we do.

  • Wireless Control Systems

  • Wireless Control Accessories

  • Wireless Emergency Notification

  • System Process Monitoring

  • Automated System Activation

  • Remote Control Systems

  • Handheld Control Systems

  • Stationary Wireless Control

  • Bespoke Automation Softwares

  • Custom Wireless Solutions

In-Office Delivery

At every of our offices globally, we have senior IT consultants and experienced technicians waiting to listen to all your requests and ensure you are properly furnished with reliable solutions that make all your IT projects seamless. Getting a reliable and professional IT service does not have to be a big deal.
All you need is the right team that understands all it takes to deliver timely and satisfactorily.

Please provide detailed information about your request, so we can serve you with the best of our resources

Our Team Lead

On several occassions, i've seen IT professionals 'jump the gun'; I mean they start a project right from execution, then proceed abnormally to the cycle of error control. "This is absolutely unprofessional". Every project should start with problem definition, planning and conceptualization - Anything outside these and without documentation is "Trial and Error".

Senior Project Manager - Softcity Group

Every IT project has a cycle; No matter how small or how big! - If your in-house or outsorced team does not provide extensive information on initiation, execution, deployment, testing and sustainability - Then there is a problem. The problem becomes much bigger if this information is provided without clear timeline, variables, resources, and evaluation markups.

Lead System Consultant - Softcity Group